Controversy Continues Over What Physicians Can Tell Their Patients About Fracking Chemicals

Author: Karen L. Tucci

Controversy is heating up around the new Pennsylvania Fracking Law which many believe forbids doctors and other healthcare professionals from talking to their patients about chemical exposure that they believe may have led to their patients’ health problems.

Debate is now centering on whether physicians are really blocked from talking to their patients about the chemicals. The law does give the health professional a way of obtaining the information alleged to be a trade secret, but it is less clear as to what the health professional can do with the information once it is received by the health professional.

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One response

  1. Or society is open; we have better access to information than anyone before us and in this climate we see the rise of the non disclosure agreement.
    As to the law in question, it seems that everyone is confused. Time to read the small print.

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